Cybercomputing: Computing over Cyberinfrasctructure

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应网络与交换技术国家重点实验室王文东教授的邀请,美国阿肯色州立大学计算机科学系Hai Jiang教授将于7月18日来北京邮电大学作学术报告。欢迎校内广大师生踊跃参加。


讲座题目:Cybercomputing: Computing over Cyberinfrasctructure

主讲人:Hai Jiang(姜海)教授





Cyberinstructure is a comprehensive ecosystem consisted of computing systems, data storage systems, advanced instruments, databases and people, all integrated through software and high performance networks. Cybercomputing is about the software layer on the top of cyberinfrastructure to enable the actual computation with consideration of major concerns such as Data, Computing, Architecture and People.

In this talk, we will discuss about the cyberinfrastructure establishment process and some cybercomputing research results acquired at Arkansas State University. In Data aspect, high performance data conversion and several improved data security schemes (secret sharing for secure storage, Attributed-Based Encryption, Lattice-Based Encryption) will be discussed. In Computing aspect, major scalability, dependability, scheduling and programmability issues will be addressed. In Architecture aspect, GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) performance modeling is proposed, based on queue theory. In People aspect, related professional services, student advising, and researcher training activities are introduced. Several potential future research topics on cybercomputingwill be mentioned.


Dr. Hai Jiang is currently a professor in the Department of Computer Science and the Director of the Secure & Scalable Systems Laboratory (SSS) at Arkansas State University (A-State), USA. He received his Ph.D. and M.A. in Computer Science from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, and B.S. in Computer Engineering from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing, China. Before joining A-State, he worked at Ford Motor Company as a Software Developer, a Web Master, a System Administrator and a Database Administrator (DBA). His research topics include Cloud Computing, Big Data, Parallel & Distributed Systems, High Performance Computing, and Cybersecurity.