2012 International Conference on Network Infrastructure and Digital Content

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2012 International Conference on Network Infrastructure and Digital Content

IC-NIDC 2012


2012 International Conference on Network Infrastructure and Digital Content (IC-NIDC 2012) will be held on September 21~23 in Beijing, China, with the objectives of in-depth study on the cutting edge technologies and hot topics in the areas of Digital Computing Infrastructure and Applications, Cloud and Green Computing, and Mobile Social Networks. This conference provides a high-quality forum for researchers and practitioners to present their latest theoretical and practical work. The theme of this conference is "Energizing Global Communications" and "Mobile Interactivity".

All accepted papers are indexed by EI.


We cordially invite you to submit a paper. Acceptance will be based on quality, relevance and originality. Papers should be submitted electronically as PDF files. Only the full papers received before the deadline will be considered for review. The length of a paper is limited to 5 pages and extra pages will be charged. The published paper in the conference proceedings will be indexed by EI. Selected best papers will appear in SCI-indexed International Journals.

Paper Submission:

All submissions should be written in English with a maximum paper length of five (5) printed pages (10-point font) including figures without incurring additional page charges (maximum 1 additional page with overlength page charge if accepted). Standard IEEE Transactions templates for Microsoft Word or LaTeX formats can be found at:

Only PDF files are acceptable for the review process and all submissions must be done through http://conference.bupt.edu.cn/ic-nidc2012/

If you have any questions about submitting your manuscripts,

please contact:

Email: ic_nidc@bupt.edu.cn

Tel: 86-10-62281360

Fax: 86-10-62282983


Prospective authors are invited to submit original technical papers in, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Ad hoc mobile networks
  • Cellular and broadband wireless networks
  • Cognitive radio networking
  • Cyber-physical systems and networking
  • Delay/disruption tolerant networks
  • RFID networks and protocols?
  • Optical networks
  • Social computing and networks
  • Data center and cloud computing
  • Traffic measurement, analysis and control
  • Vehicular and underwater networks
  • Audio and acoustic signal processing
  • Image, video and multidimensional signal processing
  • Information forensics and security
  • Sensor array and multichannel signal processing
  • Signal processing for communications and networking
  • Others

Co-sponsored by:

  • IEEE Beijing Section
  • Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT,China)
  • Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence (CAAI, China)
  • "Advanced Intelligence and Network Service", 111 Project of China
  • Global Center of Excellence (GCOE), Tohoku University
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK,China)
  • "Advanced IT Education Program on Industrial Demand" a part of BK21 Project, Hanyang University
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU, Norway )
  • Center for Teleinfrastruktur (CTIF), Aalborg University (AAU, Denmark)
  • Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI, China)

Technically sponsored by:

  • The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET,UK)

Organized by:

  • Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT,China)
  • Hanyang University (HYU, Korea)


Advisory Committee Chair

  • Ku Wen (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,China)

General Co-Chairs

  • Prof. Yoshiaki Nemoto(Tohoku Univ.,Japan)
  • Prof. Shuo-Yen Li (The Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong ,China)

Program Committee Chair

  • Prof. Jun Guo (BUPT,China)

Program Committee Co-Chairs

  • Prof. Fumiyuki Adachi (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
  • Prof. Jaehoon Kim (HYU, Korea)
  • Prof. Yuming Jiang (NTNU, Norway)
  • Assoc.Prof. Jie Yang (BUPT, China)

Program Committee Members

  • Nirwan Ansari (NJIT,USA)
  • Anni Cai (BUPT, China)
  • Jianya Chen (BUPT, China)
  • Sung Ho Cho (HYU, Korea)
  • Eduard Hovy (Univ. of Southern California, USA)
  • Eul Gyu Im (HYU, Korea )
  • Digvir S.Jayas (University of Manitoba, Canada )
  • Jechang Jeong (HYU, Korea)
  • Hong Ji (BUPT, China)
  • Yuefeng Ji (BUPT, China)
  • Xiaojun Jing (BUPT, China)
  • Tae Whan Kim (HYU, Korea)
  • Nei Kato (Tohoku Univ.,Japan)
  • Masayuki Kawamata (Tohoku Univ.,Japan)
  • Whoi-Yul Yura Kim (HYU, Korea)
  • Prof. Oivind Kure (NTNU, Norway)
  • Sang Sun Lee (HYU, Korea)
  • Charles X. Ling (Univ. of Western Ontario, Canada)
  • Jiaru Lin (BUPT, China)
  • Seung-Beck Lee (HYU, Korea)
  • Zhenming Lei (BUPT, China)
  • Xueming Li (BUPT, China)
  • Chenglin Liu (Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
  • Gang Liu (BUPT, China)
  • Huadong Ma (BUPT, China)
  • Shaoping Ma (Tsinghua University, China)
  • Mistsuyuki Nakao (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
  • Xinxin Niu (BUPT, China)
  • Sang Won Nam (HYU, Korea)
  • Harald Overby (NTNU, Norway)
  • Ching Pak-Chung (The Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong ,China)
  • Wanjun Park (HYU, Korea)
  • Yongsu Park (HYU, Korea)
  • Fuji Ren (Univ. of Tokushima, Japan)
  • Leif Arne Ronningen (NTNU, Norway)
  • Norvald Stol (NTNU, Norway)
  • Il Hong Suh (HYU, Korea)
  • Yong Ho Song (HYU, Korea)
  • Zhenghua Tan (AAU, Denmark)
  • Baoyu Tian (BUPT, China)
  • Wenbo Wang (BUPT, China)
  • Xiaojie Wang (BUPT, China)
  • Xiangming Wen (BUPT, China)
  • Weiran Xu (BUPT, China)
  • Dacheng Yang (BUPT, China)
  • Yixian Yang (BUPT, China)
  • Tae Yeoul Yun (HYU, Korea)
  • Zhimin Zeng (BUPT, China)
  • Lin Zhang (BUPT, China)
  • Ping Zhang (BUPT, China)
  • Xin Zhang (BUPT, China)
  • Yixin Zhong (BUPT, China
  • Huiling Zhou (BUPT, China)
  • Zheng Zhou (BUPT, China)

Organizing Committee Chair

  • Weining Wang (BUPT,China)

Publication Committee Co-Chairs

  • Prof. Mengqi Zhou (Chair of IEEE China Council)
  • Xue Bai (BUPT,China)

Conference Secretariat

  • Xiaohong Huang (BUPT,China)
  • Junqiang Lu(BUPT, China)

Contact Information:

Program: Weining Wang (wnwang@bupt.edu.cn)
Conference: ic_nidc@bupt.edu.cn
Tel: 86 10 62281360
Fax: 86 10 62282983